7/22/19 You CAN identify the problem and make the change!

"Half of mental health problems develop by adolescence," professors Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell said. "There is a need to identify factors linked to mental health issues that are [able to be changed] in this population, as most are difficult or impossible to influence. How children and adolescents spend their leisure time is [easier] to [...]


Just an example of why we follow Collin Kartchner- who would have thought 5th and 6th graders would do this? Instagram and Snapchat (along with other social media platforms) open your child up to a world of crazy ideas. Brains that are not fully developed and lack impulse control struggle to deal with what they [...]

6/26/19 Reasons Today’s Kids are Bored, Entitled, Impatient with Few Real Friends

https://deeprootsathome.com/kids-bored-entitled/ "Using technology as a “Free babysitting service” is, in fact, not free at all. The payment is waiting for you just around the corner. " "The ability to delay gratification is one of the key factors for future success. We have the best intentions – to make our children happy – but unfortunately, we make [...]

6/14/19 #SaveTheKids

If your kids are on social media, you should be too! Follow Collin Kartchner on Instagram and watch his stories- on a daily basis he shares why he is working so hard to fight the negative impact of social media on children. And if your kids are too young for social media- follow Collin and [...]