We've received several links from other SPS parents- thank you to those of you that are sharing these resources with us! 1- Youtube has a pedophile problem. This is a great article and reminder that You Tube is NOT a safe place for kids. Pedophiles are out there and tagging innocent videos to draw in [...]


Parenting great kids podcast from Dr. Meg Meeker, with Dr. Tom Kersting. School counselor and private practice therapist. Title: Kids and Screens Listen to this podcast to hear about social media and video games affect on the brain, how they are affecting the brain's operations and developing emotional skills. Learn about "acquired ADHD" ------->If you [...]

Officer Hank Jacobsen

Notes from Hank's talk on 2/28/19: Talk to your kids!  These kids are born into the technology so it’s normal to them.   But it starts with us- our rules.  Our expectations. (He mentions a new game coming to rival Fornite- called Apex) Technology will not take over their lives if YOU control it. The [...]


Thank you to everyone that has joined us for our first two parent meetings- we are thrilled with how well-attended the meetings have been! We plan to use this site to share any articles/videos/research we come across. There is an email subscription link on the page- add your email to be updated whenever we add [...]

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